Salmon Sour Hotpot

Sapa has long been regarded as a tremendous pleasure by many diners, who enjoy an outstanding salmon hot pot, one of the best dishes at the foot area of Silver Waterfall in Sapa, Vietnam.


The majority of people believe that salmon live in ocean. But, no, this species can be found Sapa, a mountainous hill area. The explanation for this is that Sapa is situated high in the mountains, where the temperature is extremely chilly all year round. As a result, salmon can thrive here, and salmon sour hot pot is a simple but nutritious meal for the locals. The broth is the star of the dish. Several sorts of mountain veggies and freshly caught salmon are frequently used by locals.

Because salmon was once only available in chilly countries like Europe or America, its appearance in Sapa has piqued the interest of many diners. It's also possible that this is why salmon hot pot is considered one of Sapa's must-try dishes. Sapa salmon has exceptionally fresh meat, firm muscles, and almost no grease as a result of the cool temperatures throughout the year and a cold, even snowy winter.To begin with, you can get a whole fish and then request that your restaurant's chef prepare various dishes, such as grilled salmon, salmon salad, and, of course, salmon hot pot.


Some restaurants in Sapa offer cooking workshops, so we had the opportunity to learn how to create a delectable salmon hot pot, which we then ate. The Sapa salmon hot pot recipe is comparable to a sour soup from Southern Vietnam, with fish, tomato, and pineapple as the major components. Sapa-grown salmon hot pot is the most popular meal created with salmon, as it is steamed and accompanied by sapa-grown wild vegetables such as watercress, pumpkin buds, and others.

In the cold of winter, a steaming salmon hot pot accompanied by a cup of Sapa cider is unquestionably the best option for dinner on Sapa tours.

Leading Salmon Sour Hot Pot restaurants in Sapa:

Thac Bac Restaurant – KM 12, Silver Waterfall area, Sapa Town
Song Nhi Restaurant – Group 2, Silver Waterfall area, O Quy Ho Ward, Sapa Town

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