Night Markets of Can Tho

Can Tho City, as the main city in the picturesque Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, is not only vivid and packed throughout the day, but also more frenetic and colorful when the sun sets. There are many intriguing things to see and do, including night markets, which are one of the most appealing places to visit for authentic local cuisine. Can Tho City now has three well-known night markets.




1. Ninh Kieu Night Market

Ninh Kieu Night Market is one street away from Tay Do Night Market, which is located directly across the street from Ninh Kieu Waterfront Park. The market primarily sells low-cost clothing and shoes of various types.

Pajamas, women's fashion ensembles, men's fashion stalls, and even shoe kiosks may be found here.

The stands selling T-shirts that can instantaneously print images on shirts are the most striking feature of the market. On current covers, sample photographs are either prepared or specified by the buyer.

In terms of food, the sweet soups with black beans, red beans, white beans, green beans, Thai or mixed flavors are the most popular at the Ninh Kieu Night Market. Aside from tea, sugarcane juice is a pleasantly diverse drink that is known as a typical Western drink. The juice is crushed and combined with passion fruit, pineapple, durian, and other ingredients to create a cup of sugarcane juice with a distinct flavor.




2. Can Tho Night Market (aka Tay Do Night Market)

Tay Do, often known as the old market, is a bustling Can Tho night market with a wide range of street cuisine. Tay Do, like Ho Chi Minh City's Ben Thanh Market, is a long-standing market location for Southern Vietnam provinces that has gone by numerous names over the years, including Luc Tinh Market (6 Southern provinces during the French colonial time), Ham Duong Market, and finally Can Tho Market. Tay Do Night Market got its name from the fact that it is also known as "Tay Do Land."

The market comes alive at night, glistening with dazzling lights. The exquisite ancient beauty, which is no less than the ancient town of Hoi An, will enchant visitors. The combination of Asian architecture with multi-story tiled roofs and peaceful river water makes Tay Do night market an appealing site.

Tay Do Night Market appears to be rather uncrowded, thanks to large paved paths and stalls that are likewise placed in a straight line. The products for sale here are incredibly diverse: everything from fruits to clothing, jewelry to handicrafts, seafood, and so on... Furthermore, a wide range of Vietnamese and Western foods, as well as Thai and Japanese foods and drinks, are available at extremely reasonable costs, attracting a large number of customers.

Currently, Tay Do Night Market offers a variety of other leisure activities to tourists, including free video games and an outdoor music stage... All are in perfect harmony, and the chilly nighttime atmosphere creates amazing recollections.




3. Cai Khe Night Market (aka Tran Phu Night Market)

If Tay Do Night Market and Ninh Kieu Night Market are both in the central region near Ninh Kieu Wharf, Tran Phu Night Market is in the Cai Khe neighborhood, running from Tran Phu Street to Song Hau Park and including a portion of Can Tho Stadium. The market is also known as the Cai Khe Night Market because of its location.

Locals and visitors alike regard Tran Phu Night Market as Can Tho City's most active gastronomic strip, featuring a diverse selection of seafood restaurants and grilled hot pots of all types.

Fresh, delectable seafood is available here, including fish, octopus, shrimp, squid, and a variety of snails, all of which are hygienically prepared and safe to eat. Without cutting corners, the prices are plainly stated. Grilled oysters, grilled squid with mustard sauce, grilled snails with pepper flakes, are all dishes worth trying.

Another popular meal in this market is the fruit buffet or fruit bowl, which features more than 30 different toppings from which guests can choose, as well as syrup and milk to enhance the tempting taste.

If you want to sample all of the traditional Western foods, there is also fast food and various beverages to choose from.

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