Ba Mun Island in Bai Tu Long Bay

Ba Mun Island is located parallel to Quan Lan Island in the Minh Chau communes of the Van Don District of Bai Tu Long Bay. High Block Island or Animal Island is another name for the island. Ba Mun Island is approximately 15 kilometers from the mainland. The island is approximately 1800 hectares in size, with a length of more than 20 kilometers and a narrow width spanning from east to west. With a height of 397 meters, the highest mountain is known as Mandarin Mount (Quit Mountain). The island's vegetation and fauna are diverse, including numerous uncommon species.


We arrive at Ba Mun island, one of Bai Tu Long National Park's largest and most picturesque island clusters, after a journey of more than an hour from Cai Rong port. Locals called Ba Mun island a variety of names in the past, including Cao Lo Island, Animal Island, and others. Perhaps because of the diverse flora and fauna, as well as the fact that it was later used for animal rescue. wild. That is where the name of the island comes from.


Ba Mun Island is about 8 sea miles from the mainland, with a land area of around 1,800 hectares, a length of more than 20 kilometers, and a narrow breadth that runs east-west. Ba Mun is a shale island with many hills and high mountains, various ecosystems, ancient forests, abundant flora and animals, and several rare species... As a result, Ba Mun is compared to a massive wall that protects the Van Don neighborhood from the elements.


The delightful fresh, crisp air of the ancient forest gives visitors to Ba Mun a sense of calm and tranquillity. The deeper you go within the island, the more interesting and unique features you'll find. It has a diverse flora and fauna, including uncommon wood species such as cloves, ironwood, cheese, tau, and yellow incense, as well as numerous ancient trees that can only be held by three or four persons... Ba Mun is the largest conservation area in the Northeast, a priceless jewel in the heart of Bai Tu Long, due to its topography and geography, which have many distinctive traits and outstanding values.

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