Cua Van fishing village of Halong Bay

Cua Van fishing village in Ha Long Bay is one of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world with an ancient, pristine, and typical traditional culture, voted by the famous travel website

Cua Van fishing village originated from the ancient fishing villages of Giang Vong and Truc Vong on the shores of Ha Long Bay. The name Cua Van is explained that it originates from the fact that the village is located in an area surrounded by towering limestone mountains and has an entrance like a giant gate.


The "Van" (swastika) refers to the people of ten thousand fishermen. In Cua Van floating fishing village, there are more than 300 households living mainly through fishing. The households here build raft houses along the edge of the rocky islands. The fishing village is located far from the shore, sometimes tens of kilometers away on the cliffs like valleys on the sea.

There, raft houses are adjacent to each other, small and pretty. There is no noisy car horn like on the shore, only the sound of fishermen calling to each other, the sound of beams knocking on the side of the boat chasing fish behind the mountain. Generations of fishermen have lived on boats all their lives and are attached to the sea. They consider the boat as their home, the sea as their homeland, and are attached to Ha Long Bay.


Children from 4-5 years old know how to hold the paddle and learn to swim. In the fishing families on Ha Long Bay, all members go out to sea. Young children hooked the bait, a little older rowed and pulled the net. When you grow up, get married, you will row and spread your nets, stop fishing and teach your children to fish and fish... These conditions make fishermen live together and become more faithful to the sea.

Exploring Cua Van fishing village, you are easily attracted by the beauty of the boats, the bamboo baskets parked in front of the houses, the houses tied together against storms, and the simple, simple, but extremely simple fishermen. hospitable, dark-skinned children, small in stature but very cheerful and innocent smile...


Enter the Cua Van Floating Cultural Center (the first model of a floating cultural center for the fishing community built in Vietnam to preserve and preserve the cultural values of the fishing village through activities). As well as exchange activities between the community and visitors, visitors will see and learn with their own eyes hundreds of archaeological artifacts, including fishing tools and the means of the locals. Ancient Vietnam, many pictures, documentaries, publications on folklore, the lives of the inhabitants of fishing villages living on Ha Long Bay in the past and present...

Cua Van fishing village is also home to a wealth of geological history, as well as our country's earliest cultural past... Many experts have found the mysteries of a unique society bearing the marks of the occupants of prehistoric sea people while digging caverns near Cua Van fishing hamlet, including Tien Ong cave.

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