Weekend Night Market of Hanoi

Every weekend, residents of Hanoi travel to the Old Quarter Night Market, an unique "fair" in the center of the old town. This area serves as a hub for cultural interaction in addition to functioning as one of the 36 Hanoi streets' most distinctive features, drawing both local and international tourists.


Where is the Old Quarter Night Market in Hanoi?

From Hang Dao Street to the entrance of Dong Xuan Market is where you'll find the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market. The streets of Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, and Hang Duong are busier than ever from 19.00 to 23.00 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Fairs that are crowded in the center of the Hanoi Old Quarter

This unique "fair," which is held in Hanoi's historic streets, features up to 4,000 stalls selling a wide range of goods, including crafts, apparel, toys, and souvenirs. Fine arts, cuisine,... are available for reasonably low prices, which will fit many visitors' budgets when they visit. As soon as you step inside the market, you'll be surrounded by a vivacious and colorful ambiance. The products for sale sparkle more and look more appealing in the bright light, attracting customers. The lanterns, star lights, Christmas decorations,... are sold in so many different colors, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, or Lunar New Year, that everybody passing by has to stop and have a look.

When you visit the old town night market, you'll be astonished by the abundance of delicious food available. While strolling the streets, you may choose from a wide variety of cuisines, including authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Hanoi's well-known dishes, Korean cuisine, and Asian-European cuisine. Young folks enjoy the grilled sour rolls, grilled skewers, fried snails, chunks, Korean rolls, Tokbokki, tea, smoothies, and fried snails in the old town night market. Due to the affordable price, many young people and tourists congregate there to meet up with friends.


Hanoi's 36 streets have kept special cultural elements.

The Vietnam Association of Musicians presents performances of traditional music and folk art every Saturday night at the two ends of the walking street, including cheo, xam, quan quan, ca tru, etc. The atmosphere is livelier thanks to the youthful street performers. The performers were still focused on their performances despite the commotion of the night market. Numerous elderly people and foreign guests are drawn to the folk stage. This is where folk art is preserved and promoted to friends around the world.

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