Pho Cuon (Hanoi Fresh Rolling Pho)

Pho Cuon has become one of the must-try foods when visiting Hanoi and Vietnam due to its combination of fresh rice noodles, vegetables, beef, and sweet and sour dipping sauce. Wrap fried beef with onion, lettuce, coriandrum sativum, basil, and a variety of other veggies to make this delectable dish. A small cup of dipping sauce is frequently served alongside it. Pho Cuon is a pho-based meal that first debuted in Hanoi at the intersection of Ngu Xa and Nguyen Khac Hieu Streets in Truc Bach lake area.


Pho Cuon overview

Pho Cuon (Hanoi fresh rolled pho) has risen to prominence in recent years and has become a favorite dish of both locals and visitors to Hanoi. The preparation of Pho Cuon is rather simple. A Pho restaurant at the junction of Ngu Xa and Nguyen Khac Hieu streets in Ha Noi is where Pho Cuon was invented. The owner of a local noodle shop has devised a method of eating Pho with meat and dipping fish sauce. Some people tried it and liked it, so his Pho restaurant grew in popularity quickly.


Pho Cuon ingredients

Pho Cuon prepared ingredients include: rice paper/sheets of fresh rice, cucumbers, vegetables, beef, eggs, tofu, and sausages.

1. Rice paper/rice sheets

Rice sheets are readily available at the market or supermarket. It is constructed of rice and measures 10 x 15 cm in size.

2. Meat

You should avoid using too much lean beef when making Pho Cuon since it will make it easy to dry. You have the option of using bacon or hock.

Note that the meat will only cook for 5 to 10 minutes in the pot; if left for longer, the flesh will become dry. Furthermore, when cutting it, do not cut it too thickly; 0.5 cm looks fair.

3. Egg suggestions: combine chicken and duck eggs with a little sauce.

4. Sausages with tofu

Cut the tofu and sausage into long, thick strands about 0.5 cm thick for both. Keep in mind that tofu must be fried beforehand!

5. Cucumber

If you want to keep the tasty, crunchy cucumber after processing, wash it and drain it first, then peel the two ends of the fruit instead of the cucumber. Cucumbers, eggs, and balance are cut such that the thickness is approximately equal to the meat in the components for Pho Cuon.

6. Vegetables

You can mix and match a variety of veggies to suit your preferences, such as lettuce, oregano, and so on. To ensure hygiene, vegetables should be soaked in a small amount of salt dissolved in water for around 15 minutes after being picked and washed. Because the veggies used as ingredients in Pho Cuon will be smashed if it takes longer than 15 minutes.

Leading Pho Cuon Restaurants in Hanoi:

Pho Cuon 31 – 31 Ngu Xa street, Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
Pho Cuon Ngu Xa – 233 To Hieu street, Dich Vong ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi
Huong Mai Restaurant – 25 Ngu Xa street, Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

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