Minh Mang Wine (Minh Mang Thang)

In Hue, there are many famous wines, such as Vinh Thanh Wine, Chuon Wine, Phong Chuong Wine, Thuy Duong Wine... Nevertheless, the most notorious one is Minh Mang wine, also known as Minh Mang Thang.

Minh Mang wine or Minh Mang Thang, is the exclusive spring medicine of King Minh Mang. This royal specialty wine stimulates desire, enhances physiology, strengthens the body and makes the king not only focus on political affairs but also not neglect the harem. In history, King Minh Mang was not only famous for being an intelligent king, having had many merits in reforming the administrative and legal apparatus, and bringing a peaceful and prosperous life to the people. The king is also famous for being the most populous king of the Nguyen dynasty, with 142 children, including 78 princes and 64 princesses.


Minh Mang Thangthe magic potion in the room:

The legend of King Minh Mang doing "adult affairs" non-stop but still running the country stably makes many gentlemen today admire him. The "divine doctors" in the media room (the agency to find precious medicinal herbs for the king) of the ancient court created a rare medicinal herb called a miracle drug named Nhat Da Ngu Giao and Nhat Da Luc Giao Sinh Ngu Tu that people today call it Minh Mang Thang.


Minh Mang Wine is made entirely from herbs, including Bach Linh, Bach Thuoc, Dou Goji zi, Dai Da, bean in dong quai, sa ginseng, cinnamon humiliation, kumquat, room feng shui, and sulphur. Two drugs that the royal physicians prepared, mixed with alcohol to form a panacea to help men increase longevity, strong health, regulate blood pressure, increase libido and sperm quality...

Leading Minh Mang Wine shops in Hue:

Tinh Tam Food – 279 Nguyen Tat Thanh (Huong Thuy town)
Ton That Thong Traditional Medicine Pharmacy – 572 Le Duan street

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