3 Ways to book a good hotel in Halong

Halong Bay is increasingly attractive to tourists, particularly internationally, after having been recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This means hotels are mushrooming and sometimes tourists find it difficult to book a hotel room. When visiting the Halong Bay area in peak season, you may use all of the 3 following ways to get a good hotel room:



The number of travel websites that offer online hotel booking is rapidly increasing in tandem with the expansion of new hotels. Either international or Vietnamese websites offer a comprehensive list of practically every hotel in Halong, with a simple booking process. You may book a room with just a few clicks on your home computer.

To begin, read the room description, user reviews, pricing, and any special cancellation or refund terms and restrictions. Second, you'll be prompted to select an arrival date and the number of rooms you'd like to book. Please note in the following step if you have any specific requests, like a vegetarian menu or extra best. Last but not least, make payment via credit card or bank transfer to finish your research.

You will receive an email confirmation letter from the website within 1-2 weeks, confirming that your reservation was successfully made. When you arrive at the hotel, don't forget to take it. Beautifully designed, user-friendly interface websites, a trustworthy corporate profile, a specific office address, balanced information, and clear terms and conditions are all good things to look for when choosing a trustworthy hotel.


The simplest way to reach out to the hotel you want to book is to call them directly. In most cases, all reputable hotels have their own website, which is linked to other hotel room selling websites or can be easily accessed via Google.

If you book by phone, you may get all of the hotel's information right away. However, in addition to being expensive to call, Halong residents do not speak fluent English. You may be required to disclose credit card details or other personal information to the receptionist. In Halong, there haven't been many phone booking scams reported.

Direct booking

There are 2 ways to book a hotel directly in Halong:

When you get to Halong, look for a room at a random hotel. This is a high-risk alternative because Halong is now regarded as a world wonder, resulting in fully booked hotels all year.

Arrive at a different destination, such as Hanoi, and reserve a hotel room at a travel agency office, where hotel room booking is easier and more dependable. You should be aware that the price will be more than usual in this instance.

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