Take around Hanoi by Cyclo

Take around Hanoi via cyclo to get a glimpse of the city's essence. This "genuine" method allows tourists to experience the city center through strong emotions. Another unique point of view that allows you to capture aspects of city life, such as traders, tiny restaurants, and walkways... They're a feast for the eyes (dazzled by all these colors), the nose (surprised by Asia's spicy flavors), and the ears (who aren't used to noise or the Vietnamese language)...


Cyclo is as plain and unassuming as it appears. A "3 No" vehicle: No loud engine noise, No hazy smoke, and No excessive commuting costs. Vietnamese people have traditionally considered the cyclo to be a familiar mode of transportation when going out. It is not just close-knit among Vietnamese but also among foreigners, who are all drawn to Vietnam by this one-of-a-kind way of seeing the country.

Hanoi's bicycle rickshaws are known as "Cyclo." The driver sits behind the passenger in the front cab, while the passengers travel in the back. Cyclo cabs are two-person vehicles that are suitable for visiting Hanoi's city center over short distances. Only take them if you're not in a rush and don't mind the thrill of seeing Hanoi's traffic zoom past you.


A one-hour cyclo ride should cost around VND 100,000 (around $5). They may at first want more, but you are urged to bargain the price down. Before boarding, agree on a price up front.

When you get off the cyclo, don't be surprised if the driver tries to charge you more. Pay the agreed-upon price and stick to it-but tip him for his services, as he's been pedaling your full body weight for the previous hour. Have the correct change on hand, as cyclo drivers (much like taxi drivers) despise giving back change.

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