Cruise safety tips in Halong Bay

Cruising in such a stunning bay like Halong is an unforgettable experience that you don't ever want to be ruined by a minor mishap. Following cruise ship safety rules is highly advised to have the best cruise trip in Halong Bay.


Following boarding, any dependable and responsive crew member would give passengers a tour of the ship to familiarize them with escape routes and emergency exits. A member of the crew should also show you how to properly strap life jackets and where to get them. In the event of an emergency, please pay close heed to this important warning. You will readily recognize the evacuation signal in an emergency (the most popular standard is seven short horn blasts and one long horn blast later).

Even if your boat appears to be sinking, be cool and follow the crew's instructions to grab a lifebuoy or life jacket and head to the rescue boat to safely exit the tour. When there are no crew members available, jumping into the sea is recommended.

Keep cool in the event of an emergency and pay attention to essential statements such as directions to the exits and evacuation lifeboats.

For security reasons, leave costly goods like necklaces, rings, and accessories at home or in a safe.

When strolling on decks, keep an eye out for high winds, wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction, and never go on the decks in heavy rain or bad weather.

Drink a reasonable amount of water. Despite the fact that some luxury cruise ships provide high-quality wines, excessive drinking might affect your judgment and lead to unforeseen troubles.

Handwashing frequently can help you avoid contracting diseases and infections. Extra hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are also recommended for added protection.

Even though cruising alone is fun, aim to organize a group of three to five friends or family members so you can look after each other.

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