5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hue

The Hue have a long tradition of indulging vegetarian food, hence there are more vegetarian restaurants in Hue than elsewhere in Vietnam. Vegetarian restaurants are filled for supper on the 1st and 15th of every lunar month, and it may be difficult to secure a seat. After street vendors, vegetarian eateries in Hue are the cheapest places to dine.


1. Bo De Vegetarian Restaurant – 11 Le Loi street

Located in the heart of Hue city, Bo De vegetarian restaurant has become a familiar and close place for those who love to enjoy the taste of vegetarian cuisine.

Not fussy, luxurious, the dishes here are mainly Vietnamese vegetarian dishes, such as spring rolls, coconut soup, braised shrimp, sour soup, hot pot... Although only using plant-based ingredients, thanks to ingenuity. Skilled in processing, seasoning, and decoration, the dishes also become more special to meet the satisfaction of diners both in terms of sight and taste.


2. Lien Hoa Vegetarian Restaurant – 03 Le Quy Don street

Located on Tue Tinh Duong campus, Lien Hoa is a healthy vegetarian restaurant at 3 Le Quy Don with houses made of bamboo and raw materials. Lien Hoa has become a destination for not only those who eat vegetarian food, but both locals and tourists.

Different from the noisy, bustling atmosphere of normal restaurants, when stepping into restaurants or eateries serving vegetarian cuisine, diners will feel so pure and relaxed in Lien Hoa.


3. An Nhien Garden Vegetarian Restaurant Provincial Road 10

A vegetarian restaurant in a green, airy, and extremely quiet garden space with many dishes and drinks that are not only delicious and healthy, but also very beautiful. If you want to find a fresh and quiet vegetarian dining space, then come to An Nhien Garden.

The An Nhien Garden Vegetarian Restaurant is located on land handed down by the ancestors and their descendants for more than 450 years. An Nhien Garden is a very large, poetic and safe space. Therefore, right from the first steps into the gate of An Nhien Garden, you will feel a very good and peaceful energy, because it is the energy of love accumulated over many lives. The appearance of An Nhien Garden is like a young bud growing in the middle of that great traditional rich forest. That is why the food and drinks of An Nhien Garden always leave a deep aftertaste for diners when they come to An Nhien Garden Vegetarian Restaurant.


4. Ngu Ha Garden Vegetarian Restaurant – 181 Xuan 68 street

Ngu Ha Garden is a quite famous vegetarian restaurant for Hue people. The dishes are prepared with a variety of vegetarian, fresh and safe foods along with a cozy space that feels like being in your own home. In addition, the vegetarian food at Ngu Ha Garden is extremely affordable, so this will be the right Hue Vegetarian Restaurant for those who are looking for a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Hue.


5. San May Vegetarian Restaurant – 08 Thanh Tinh street

San May Vegetarian Restaurant owns a Hue-style garden space, with a rich menu that impresses diners. The dishes here are really a great combination of traditional vegetarian dishes and carefulness and sophistication in each stage of selection and processing of ingredients. Therefore, as soon as the vegetarian dishes are presented on the table, it is time for diners to admire the wonderful combination of beauty, nutrition, and full flavor...

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