7 Best Saigon street foods

Enjoying the 7 best street foods in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is one of the best things that tourists can do when traveling to this city, besides looking around and visiting the fantastic attractions or amazing historical sites.




1. Banh Mi Saigon (Sandwich of Saigon)

Banh Mi is well-known not just in Saigon but also in other cities such as Hoi An and Hanoi. Each province, however, has its own distinct flavor, with pork, luncheon meats, shredded cured pork skin, pâté, mayonnaise, Vietnamese radish and carrot pickles, a handful of sliced cucumbers, sprigs of coriander, and chilies being popular in Saigon.




2. Pho Saigon (Saigon noodle soup)

Pho is a popular dish in Saigon in particular and in Vietnam in general that can be found all across the country. Soft rice noodles, meat or chicken, and a soup broth come together in perfect harmony. Pho is more appealing when served with a fresh plate of herbs such as mint and Vietnamese coriander.




3. Bun Mam (Vermicelli noodle with fermented fish sauce)

Bun Mam is a Vietnamese cuisine from the south of the country. It's made with a dark-colored broth made with fermented fish sauce, rice noodles, squid, prawns, and pork, plus a piece or two of eggplant.




4. Che (Sweet soup)

Saigon is known for its sweet soups, which range from the traditional red beans, mung beans, and lotus seeds to the more exotic tortoise jelly, almond tofu custard, and gingko nuts.




5. Com Tam Suon (Grilled pork chop broken rice)

When visiting Saigon, you should enjoy Com Tam Suon, which is another type of street food. It's made out of broken rice, grilled pork chops, and a fish sauce dressing with cucumber pickles, green onion oil, and chilies on top.




6. Bot Chien (Fried rice cake)

Bot Chien is a type of fried rice cake composed primarily of rice flour, eggs, and tapioca starch. The cakes are chopped into bite-size pieces and fried until crispy and golden brown on the edges, usually in a hot skillet with gobs of fat and some light seasonings. Before being served, the rice cakes are topped with an egg and a handful of green onions.




7. Coffee

Drinking coffee, especially iced coffee with condensed milk is also a part of Saigon's culture. If you want to get a sense of daily life, sitting in a gorgeous café with the nicest view and having a cup of coffee is a terrific decision.

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