How to opt a tailor in Hoi An

Getting some tailor made clothes is a fantastic idea, and visiting historical Hoi An is also a fantastic idea. And why not merge these two great concepts? If you're looking for a tailor in Hoi An, there are a few things to consider:

Research the following on the internet and at the hotel's front desk:

You may get a general notion of what to expect by doing some Internet research. However, depending on personal taste, there are always excellent and poor ratings. When you travel to Hoi An, you can seek additional advice from a tour guide or the hotel receptionist.


Don't rely on images.

The pictures shown in the tailor catalog are all excellent but may depend on the physical model. Be convenient. It is also worth realizing that magazines have many tricks and instruments to make a dress or suit look better than it is – silent images can create an illusion that is not always possible in the true life of double-sided adhesive strips used for smooth seams and pinching and clamping to ensure materials are maintained. You would be wise to believe her, if your tailor says that you can't look with the cut and material you have chosen.


Make that the material is appropriate.

It is preferable to consult the tailor and follow her/his advice. At the very least, they will feel responsible.

Consider getting a copy of something that already exists.

If you like the model you see in the store, go for it with just a few minor adjustments to make it fit. With their familiar labor, tailors will do their best. It will keep you from being a test subject.

Negotiate, but not excessively.

The majority of establishments in Hoi An charge tourists a fair price. However, when the same things are sold in different regions, they can have a significant price difference. Maybe it's because of the shop's location, or maybe it's due of the material. However, if you enjoy working with the tailor, it may be beneficial to pay a bit more.


Before leaving, double-check that you have enough time

Some stores here offer “Urgent tailor made” within 24 hours, but be sure you are getting enough time to rectify any issues, such as excessively long/short sleeves. After flying out of town, it is not a good idea to get your clothes fixed somewhere else.

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