Going around Halong Bay

Finding their way around Halong Bay can be scary for individuals who are not going on a tour bus or who dare to wander far. You won't have to worry about getting around because Halong Bay offers everything you need.



For long distance transport, such as to the pier or the airport, a taxi is strongly advised. Because the taxi driver is a local, he might be able to offer some travel advice or tell a good tale about the bay to the tourists (if he can speak English).

Per milometer, the fee is normally around 15,000 VND (around $0.7 USD). There are many taxi companies to choose from, but travelers should stick to well-known names like Mai Linh Taxi, Ha Long Taxi, and Mong Cai Taxi. These companies have a variety of cabs with visible taximeters that would satisfy any customer.

You can always request one from the hotel receptionist.


Motorcycle/ Car rental

Rental motorcycles and cars may be an attractive option for travelers who prefer private transportation for maximum flexibility at a moderate cost. Rental cars and motorcycles are available at numerous sites across the city, but tourists are advised to lease cars or motorcycles from their hotels. The cost varies depending on distance, duration, and vehicle type, but it is usually only VND 70,000 – 100,000 ($3 – 5) per day for a motorcycle and VND 900,000 – 1,300,000 ($40 – 55) per day for a car.



The cost of renting a bike varies according to the type of bike. Semi-automatic bicycles are typically less expensive than automatic bicycles. A semi-automatic bike will cost approximately 90.000 VND ($4 USD) per day, while an automatic bike will cost approximately 160.000 VND ($7 USD).

An autonomous bike is the way to go when traveling across the city. If you're traveling to the mountains, you should rent a semi-automatic bike instead.

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