Discovering Hue Garden Houses

Visit to Hue garden houses, tourists will have a great chance to learn about Hue's historic architecture and admire the beauty of nature.

Phu Mong is the home of the garden houses in Hue, located around 5 kilometers from Hue's downtown area along the bank of Perfume River. Many of the Hue garden house this area date back over 300 years, having been constructed by the Nguyen Dynasty during the development of Hue. Following this, a large number of people followed, resulting in a stable home architecture with distinct characteristics that contribute to Hue's unique architecture today. 7 of the over 100-year-old residences have been meticulously conserved and have become Phu Mong's 7 tour stops.


Hue garden houses in Phu Mong, like the Perfume River, Trang Tien Bridge, Hue temples, and tombs, contribute considerably to the famous Hue attractions. Ancient houses offers old charm, traditional architecture, built mostly from wood and surrounded by green hecks and well-maintained orchards. The buildings impress guests with wide doors, side markings, trimmed squares, and direct and moose-capped steel entrances from the exterior.

The Pham Huu Dien house is the most visited garden by tourists. This house, concealed amid a tens of thousands-square-meter garden, was erected in 1894, and the garden's architectural style is reminiscent of late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century architecture.


Furthermore, the Le Van Duyet church, which was established 187 years ago, is currently regarded as Vietnam's most historically significant structure. The house contains three rooms with two chambers, a marble interior, trusses, various horizontal lobbies, and antique antiques that have been intricately crafted by skilled artisans. The house, like other garden houses, is bordered by many plants, making it very calm and pleasant.


Other houses, such as Princess Dien Phuoc's or the parents' houses, Nguyen Hua Van's, Doan Kim Khanh's, Nguyen Van Giao's, etc., also draw a large number of people due to their attractive, tranquil environment. These houses also draw tourists because of stories about their history, which date back over a century. Tourists will be greeted with a cup of tea and fresh fruit from the Hue garden houses' specialties.

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