Taking cyclo tour through Hue City

Enjoy a relaxing Hue cyclo tour, the historic Vietnamese capital, which includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Hue Imperial Citadel. The greatest way to see Hue is by riding a cyclo bike. You simply seat on the cyclo and ride through the city's beautiful streets to get a wonderful view of Hue.

There is a really authentic approach to uncovering Hue's hidden beauty and off-the-beaten-path locations. The cyclo or rickshaw is a prominent mode of transportation in Hue.


Hue cyclo tour begins from the Trang Tien Bridge, which spans the Perfume River. Then it's over to the world-famous Dong Ba Market. You may follow a branch of the Perfume River from here to a neighborhood full of small stores where you can see a lot of trading activity. Then turn left into the district surrounding the Citadel, where locals have lived in their old-style dwellings for decades. This area does not appear to have been influenced by the touristy area, and residents appear to be conducting business and living their lives as they did a century ago. While sitting on the cyclo, all kinds of activities take place around you, in the streets, in shops, in residences, and you might feel as though you're part of it.


The cyclo takes you past Tinh Tam Lake (which means "peace of thought"). The lake was constructed by the king in conjunction with the Hue Citadel and is known as the best place to develop the Lotus in Hue. You can certainly feel the peace and greenery of the most famous lake in Hue by walking along its side.

More trading activity may be seen as you move from Tinh Tam Lake to the Imperial Citadel, thanks to the numerous local stores along the roadway. The majority of the necessities for Hue residents are sold here. There is an entire street dedicated to the sale of old motorcycles, which are a favorite commodity among Vietnamese families.


Pass past the royal city's towering stone walls and ride to numerous important landmarks inside the complex. First, pay a visit to the Flag Tower, which was constructed in 1807 during Emperor Gia Long's reign and later improved by his son, Emperor Minh Mang. Your cyclo driver takes you to Noon Gate, which gives access to the Royal Palace from this central position. Learn how the gate came to be used for ceremonial purposes and as a lookout post for the Emperor's army.

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