Halong Transportation Options

Transportation in Halong offers a wide range of options to move to neighbor attractions, such as Cat Ba Island, Mong Cai City... from Halong City.





Tourists traveling alone in Ha Long are more concerned about transportation. Traveling via cab is the most flexible and convenient way to get to other local areas. In Halong, getting a cab is simple. However, there are two difficulties that visitors should be aware of ahead of time. To begin with, taxi fares for long-distance travel are exceedingly exorbitant when compared to other modes of transportation. Despite the fact that taxi companies may have established lower prices for lengthy distances, each trip still costs a few hundred VND. Second, not all taxi companies in Halong City provide long-distance transportation. However, Mai Linh Taxi and Mong Cai Taxi provide this service, so it is prudent to have their contact information.

Tourist bus

Travel agencies frequently provide buses for travelers who are on a tour to transport the entire group to any location on the itinerary. In the event that private buses for tourists are unavailable, these firms will work with other transportation providers to ensure that tourists are not inconvenienced.

Interprovincial bus

The interprovincial bus is a good option, but it is only for individuals who have traveled to Vietnam before. If you're taking the bus, buy your tickets only at the Halong bus station and keep an eye out for pickpockets.

Ferry (Tuan Chau Island/ Halong Bay - Cat Ba Island)

Taking a ferry from Tuan Chau Harbor in Halong Bay to Gia Luan Harbor on Cat Ba island is the most practical way to get from Halong Bay to Cat Ba island. A taxi ride to Tuan Chau Harbor costs about 100,000 VND from Halong's Bai Chay Beach. You can then take a ferry from Tuan Chau to Gia Luan Harbor for 40,000 VND. The journey takes about 45 minutes and there can be 5 to 7 ferries per day. Ferries are fully equipped, following the standards of tourist ferries, with life-saving, firefighter, medical, and other facilities.

Halong Transportation

There are many choices for tourist to transport from Halong City to other nearby destinations, like Cat Ba, Mong Cai, or Hai Phong City.

Usually for tourists who travel in a tour, travel agencies often provide buses for whole group to travel around to any place on itineraries. In case of lack of private buses for tourists, these agencies will deal with other transportation suppliers, so the tourists do not have to worry about the transportation.

Tourists who travel by themselves concerned more about this issues. The most flexible and easiest way to travel to other nearby area is travel by taxi. It is easy to get a cab in Halong. However, there are two issues that tourists should know beforehand. Firstly, the fare for travelling in long distances with taxi is extremely high compared to other transportations. Although taxi firms might have set a lower price for long distances, it still costs a few hundred VND for each trip. Secondly, not all taxi firms in Halong City have long distance service. However, Mai Linh Taxi and Mong Cai Taxi has this kind of service so it would be wise to get their information.

Ship might be another ideal option. If tourists book a tour on a luxurious cruise on this bay, the cruise might already include other destinations (like Haiphong City or Cat Ba Island) on its itineraries. If not, they can purchase ship tickets from Hon Gai Island to Haiphong City, which sail 3 times a day at 6.30am, 1.00pm, and 4.00pm.

Interprovincial bus is not a bad choice, but it is only for those who have experience traveling in Vietnam. If you are going to travel by bus, purchase tickets at Halong bus station only and always watch out for pickpockets.z

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