9 Best Restaurants in Hue

Hue is a place to converge famous dishes that have reached the so-called elite level that no one wants to miss. However, if it is not the local of the ancient capital, it is difficult for you to visit and enjoy all those specialties. Here is 9 best Hue restaurants summary




Best restaurants with traditional and luxurious Hue architecture:

1. Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant – 7/28 Le Thanh Ton Street

As one of the restaurants serving dishes prepared for the royal family in the past, Tinh Gia Vien is home to dishes cooked by heirloom artisans who are descendants of the Royal Family. With a luxurious and cozy space like the Royal Palace, Tinh Gia Vien is a highlight for anyone who has the opportunity to visit Hue Imperial City.




2. Ancient Hue Garden Houses Restaurant (Old Hue) – 104/47, Kim Long Street

More than a restaurant, Ancient Hue is a cultural and artistic complex that tourists cannot ignore when coming to Hue. Coming to Ancient Hue, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique cultural features of an ancient garden restaurant, especially dishes with luxurious and unique Hue style and flavor. It displays still life paintings created by famous artist Le Ngoc Tuong...

Besides culinary services, Ancient Hue also owns family-style rooms for tourists to rest; Each space has a special design and meaning through the names "very Hue" such as: Bach Ma, Kim Phung, Ngu Binh, Vong Canh, Truong Tien.



3. Garden house and Ben Xuan Theater – Van Thanh Street, Huong Ho Ward, Huong Tra Town

On the banks of the Perfume River, in the midst of ancient and sacred nature, from Thien Mu Pagoda to Van Thanh, Ben Xuan Garden House Theater brings us back to the architectural, musical, and artistic space of a golden age in the land of the Hue Ancient Capital.

The Ben Xuan Garden House is the 10-year work of the talented artist Camille Huyen and her husband, with all the memories, understanding, and in-depth study of Hue art. The architectural style of Hue Royal Palace, with tiles, antique bricks, wood, recycled doors, porcelain (lowered) more than a hundred years old, and classical decorative motifs like the Nguyen Dynasty, Ben Xuan Garden House is really an impressive destination. The statue is attractive to people who love Hue and love art. 

Currently, Ben Xuan is an address to exchange and promote Hue culture and Vietnamese culture with world friends by opening its doors to visitors (mainly foreign guests booked in advance and guests of the local government). Through meals and concerts directed and performed by Camille Huyen herself.




4. Khai Hoan Restaurant – 90 – 94 Le Loi Street

Khai Hoan restaurant has a layout bearing the impression of the Hue royal court. When coming here, diners will have the opportunity to transform into kings, mandarins, and queens to enjoy Hue specialties, Com Nieu, together with Hue specialties. European and Asian dishes. With a spacious space, the restaurant serves more than 400 guests, making it suitable for booking guests to organize conferences, special parties, weddings...




5. Old Space Restaurant – 205 Dien Bien Phu Street & 98 Minh Mang Street

As the name suggests, coming to Old Space, you will enjoy a nostalgic but no less luxurious space. With the architecture of the Ruong house-the most luxurious and ancient Hue garden in the city, specializing in serving Hue specialties and delicious dishes such as shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, fried oats, lobster...

In addition to a number of main services, such as lunch, dinner, king rice combined with Hue royal music, the restaurant also expands the service of cruises on the Perfume River and buffets, gala dinner... In particular, the restaurant With a cool garden, a modern air conditioning system, spacious parking... At night, the Old Space becomes more and more sparkling with cozy lights, mixed with classical music, which will bring you a wonderful atmosphere. You have moments of peace and relaxation, like being immersed in the middle of Hue's royal palace.




Best European style restaurants:

6. Little Italy Restaurant – 2A Vo Thi Sau Street

Nearly 20 years of development, Little Italy Restaurant is a familiar address for pizza lovers. This is also the first Italian restaurant in Hue, a brand worth stopping by for tourists to Hue and locals. Little Italy restaurant has a spacious and airy space.

With a luxurious and elegant first floor, a cozy mezzanine and a VIP area for meetings and meetings. In addition, the restaurant also has a cool garden space.




7. Les Jardins de la Carambole Restaurant – 32 Dang Tran Con Street

Les Jardins de la Carambole Restaurant is a European restaurant with a long history in Hue, more than 20 years. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine. The overall space of the restaurant is a French architectural block, with a slight hint of the architecture of the last century, but still classy and luxurious. Every little corner in the restaurant is well taken care of, decorated very carefully, and the service is also bold in European style.




Best seafood restaurants in Hue:

8. Duyen Anh Restaurant – Provincial Road 10, Phu My, Phu Vang

Also, one of the restaurants with Hue traditional architecture, Duyen Anh Restaurant is a must-visit address for groups of family guests, group guests... not only because of its cool space and stylish menu. Rich and delicious, but also ensure privacy when eating and chatting because there is a very special separation between the rooms.

Here, diners can "go to the market on the spot" to choose fresh ingredients, especially seafood from the Tam Giang lagoon and the Thuan An beach of Hue.




9. Queen's Crab Hue – Crab & Seafood Restaurant – 86 Le Loi Street

Queen's Crab Hue-Crab & Seafood Restaurant offers the most unique experience of dishes with crab and seafood. Coming to Queen's Crab Hue-Crab & Seafood Restaurant, you will be immersed in the world of nearly 200 delicious crab & seafood dishes, prepared according to premium recipes and diverse styles from Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Customers will be able to discover the "package" of the most attractive crab & seafood dishes in the world without having to travel thousands of kilometers.

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