5 things to buy when visiting Hanoi

There are top 5 things to buy among unlimited choices in Hanoi. Buying one or all of these means you bring a beautiful part of Hanoi to home. The city offers you a wide variety of items from ethnic minority souvenir, wooden products to authentic silk.

1. Silk and Embroidery




Authentic traditional silk is a typical Eastern country that tourists can not miss when visiting Vietnam. In each region of Vietnam, there are some differences in the way locals make silk but the Van Phuc village in Hanoi has been well-known for making the unique silk in the country. Draw silk, print silk or patterned silk with national decorations as a unique gift that you can buy for friends and families in Hang Gai, a famous street close to Hanoi Old Quarter center.

2. Ethnic Minority Products



Vietnam has a variety of culture with 54 people. Excluding the dominant Kinh people, this country is home for 53 ethnic groups scattering mostly in the Northern mountainous region in Vietnam and each group has its own typical costume with distinctive designs. In this day and age of industrialization and modernization, there are a lot of choices of clothes, fashion and other things which are made by machines and technologies. However, both handicrafts and clothes with unique decorations and special weaving from various ethnic groups still have an unnecessary position in daily life, especially in tourism. They are widely sold in souvenirs shops in Hanoi capital.

3. ‘Do’ paper



Do paper is made from the the Do tree's bark, a wild plant commonly found around local riverbanks. It was famous and popular in many years before the modern paper production these days has been invented. After completing its historic mission, Do paper now is implementing a new and more noble mission is symbol of a beauty of culture. It is used to make Hanoi's ethnic greetings cards, water color, folk paintings and bamboo-bound notebooks. Do paper cards with embroidered squares cost around 2 USD (46,000 vnd), bamboo bound notebooks are from 1.50 USD (30,000vnd) and hemp covered notebooks from 2 USD (46,000vnd). Tourist can buy Do paper related products in Hang Gai or Hang Bac Street in Hanoi Old Quarter.

4. Handicrafts



Handicrafts in Hanoi are very various from mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, sandalwood statuettes, lacquer ware, ceramics, watercolours, prints and assorted antiques (real and imitation), oil paintings. Hang Quat, Hang Gai, To Tich, Hang Khay and Cau Go Street are significant shopping destinations. The price ranges from 3-7 USD based on each item.

5. Designer Boutiques



Fashion lovers can buy meticulously crafted custom-tailored clothes with a affordable price when visiting Hanoi. All things you need to do is bring magazine catalogue or the item of clothing you want to copy and provide the tailors your instructions. Ordering gowns, cocktail, shirts, blouses, and especially Ao dai (the traditional long dress in Vietnam) made of Vietnam authentic silk is absolutely worth a try. Some shops at Hang Gai Street or Hang Manh are good choices. The cost is about 25-50 USD per outfit.

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