Halong Bay, an unforgettable memory

I am missing about Halong Bay, one of most beautiful places I worked. Hopefully, after my writing, I can contribute my small part to promote for traveling here.

How Halong Bay attracts?

One day in autumn of September in 2010, I came to Halong Bay for starting a very challenging job. Following my friend's invitation, I became an overnight cruise manager, the position I had not done before.

I began the first day working by making friend with all employees on board and understanding them. I got some challenging because not all of them support me smoothly. Because, I was stranger anyway. However, I just kept pending and put a side their attitude for handling later. In the afternoon, I had to work with harbor management to complete some procedures for the next day welcome customers. They guided me how and where to buy ticket, how to register customer for staying overnight on Halong Bay with local government... End of day, I came back the cruise in exhaust.

Next day when I wake up, I could see everything became strangely around me. Wow, I stayed overnight on Paradise Peak cruise, one of the most beautiful cruise in Halong Bay, that I had never done before. I still had not believed I was in a place, quite far from Hanoi, quite far from my hometown. This morning passed quickly I felt. Maybe, I focused on preparing many things to welcome customer in stressful. Afternoon came without informing, I hurried to get back harbor from the board to welcome customer after confirming some necessary things with harbor, such as: paying tickets, register for each customer...

Luckily, my team took customer to get on cruise on time. All of passenger were still feeling good, even eager when they sitting among our cozy restaurant of the cruise. Staying among of our valued customers, I was on be half of company to give them warm welcome and present about the board, give them some useful and necessary information, such as: safety guidance, board structure, crew team, cruising itinerary... Finally, I gave them cabin key to check before coming back the restaurant for enjoying delicious lunch on board.

Our cruising slowly while they were enjoying lunch. Each beautiful islet of Halong Bay appeared in front of our surprised eyes slowly. The Bay has been quite famous for thousand of islands. However, with our cruising itinerary just passed by a few of them and stop at most popular places for visiting. I felt pity for missing observing the beauty of islets because I had to take care customer carefully. However, I still caught up some, such as: incense burner island, fighting cock island, stone dog island...


A day cruising went fast, the evening came with a expressive signal by sunset shine. I decided to forget a busy working day to return myself by stepping up the Titov mountain where I could contemplate marvellous sunset shine. Morever, the mountain could bring me back overview of Halong Bay. You may understand that thousand of islands under your foot. I was passionate into the beauty of the bay to feel heart beating. Suddenly, I missed my hometown very much and I want to leave here to return forever. Finally, the bay's beauty and invisible attraction tied me solidly.

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