Backpacking the Hai Van Pass by motorcycle

Hai Van Pass has been named one of the world's most beautiful stretches of beach road. Backpacking through the Hai Van Pass on a motorcycle is an incredible experience that visitors to Danang should not miss.


The Hai Van Pass, which connects Lang Co (Hue) and Danang, is located at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level and has a length of about 20 kilometers. To travel by motorcycle through the Hai Van Pass, backpackers must pass through roads with dangerous bends but are extremely interesting. Here are some motorcycle backpacking experiences on the Hai Van Pass.

Transportation modes


There are many places in Danang where you can rent a motorbike for about $6-7 per unit per day, and the process is quite simple and quick. Let's rent a motorcycle and head out to explore the Hai Van Pass right away.

Best time to go

From April to July, the best time to visit Hai Van Pass is. From August to November, the weather is frequently rainy and the roads are foggy

Trip to go backpacking By motorcycle, you can cross the Hai Van Pass.

Crossing the Hai Van Pass is a journey through the breeze of the wind, to see the beauty of the beautiful mountains, to experience the wide sea of colors, from turquoise... This stretch of road is like soft silk that stretches across the passageway and is straightforward and flexible.

Go backpacking Hai Van Pass by motorcycle on the way, and you can release cheers while admiring the majestic beauty of the mountains and rivers, sky, and the legendary mountain. You can stay wherever you want. There are a few key points where you can stop to admire and photograph.


A large group of rocks located along the road leading to the sea. There is drinking water available, and we have prepared a rope to assist you in climbing the rocks. Standing on a cliff overlooking the panoramic sea allows you to fully appreciate the openness of the earth and sky.

There will be a blend near the top of the pass. Almost everyone comes here to take pictures. There is a convex mirror in this segment, which is quite large. However, when taking photographs, you should pay attention to the signals that the vehicles emit from the mirror.


Milestones from Danang and Hue's territories can be found on top of the pass. This location is quite large, with a few small shops where you can drink water and rest while they shop. There are still traces of a gate called Hai Van Quan, which was built from the Tran and rebuilt during the reign of King Minh Mang – the Nguyen, as well as several bunkers (ruins of Don Nhat) built by French troops in 1826 to protect these strategic passes. With the beautiful frame in bunkers, you can capture the Hai Van road behind your back

You continue your journey to the pass's conclusion after taking a break and taking photos. Green trees may be seen among the railway running through the pass created by the French on the way down to reach the lovely Hue.


Occasionally, you will come across a brightly colored boat. When you close the pass, photographs of the beach and the fishing village of Lang Co show. There were several small boats anchored there. You may also appreciate the bridge with the lovely Hai Van tunnel from here. If you continue on your excursion, you will be able to see some of Hue's most remarkable sights.

Backpacking via Hai Van Pass on a motorcycle is a unique experience. You'll feel anything from anxiousness to little amounts of fear to surprise and happiness.

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