Top 5 Coffee Shops of Hanoi

Drinking coffee has become an indispensable habit of Hanoian in particular and Vietnamese people in general for a long time. Coffee is regarded as a culinary culture of Vietnam. Here are top 5 best Coffee shops in Hanoi.

1. Giang Café



Giang Café is an ideal and charming place to drink coffee. It is hidden in a small lane of Hanoi’s old city. Owning a different  architectural style from others, Giang Café shops reflects an auspicious blend of Western and Asian influences. However, the most strongest attraction of Giang Café is the special and famous egg coffee. It is surprisingly delicious and resembling a tiramisu in taste. This is a wonderful address to enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to some music, relax or alternatively a hot egg chocolate.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7.30am – 10.30pm

Address: ‪ 39 - Lane Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2. Cafe Pho Co




Café Pho Co is a hidden gem, sets in the narrow and cobbled street of Hanoi’s old quarter. The café features its customers a list of Vietnamese coffee blends that will satisfy all different taste demands. Cups of flavorful aroma coffee and characterized by the coffee’s strong are created by brewing the freshest coffee beans. Besides, one the most attractive points Café Pho Co is the picturesque views of the Hoan Kiem Lake spread wide and far. Clearly, this is a unmissed place to relax with a quality cup of coffee.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8am – 10pm

Address: 11 Hang Gai, Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

3. Indigenous



The Indigenous situates near Saint Joseph Cathedral. It looks like a shop than a café. However, visiting here, customers can brew their own coffee in the coffee machine and then choose an outside place to sit to enjoy it. Many people has chosen the Indigenous to enjoy their drinks since their coffee is known for its good quality. They choose some of the best coffee beans in Vietnam highland grown by local and indigenous coffee farmers. An other attractive point of the Indigenous you can also enjoy the spectacular views of the cathedral while drinking coffee.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8.30am – 8pm

Address: 36 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

4. Cafe Nhi



Café Nhi is hidden in a cozy corner, not far from Long Bien Bridge. This is a charming place that tends to be so crowded that customers sometimes can be found standing on the pavement outside. They offer espresso-based coffee drinks, indigenous Vietnamese filter coffees and silky textured lattes. The coffee of Café Nhi is thick and tasty. This is an ideal place to go for watching people walk by while sipping on the caffeinated treat or chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7am – 11pm

Address: 72 Phu Lo, Soc Son, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

5.  Cafe Lam



Café Lam is not far from the city centre. It is almost considered as a historical monument, also one of the oldest cafés in Hanoi. The charming ambience of this old café is added by art collections, antique pieces and rare books hidden away at every corner. Beside the special atmosphere that takes customers back in time, unique Vietnamese-style hot and ice coffee is served with thick condensed milk. The café can pride in having many regular customers.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6.30am – 10.30pm

Address: 60 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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