Indulging Hue Royal Cuisine

Indulging Hue royal cuisine gives you the feeling of being a king once again.

Hue royal cuisine, particularly during the Nguyen dynasty's royal parties, was served in the lavish palace. The dish was always prepared by the most talented cook, employing costly, high-quality or rare ingredients in a specific method. Thus, these delicacies are tasteful and are eaten in a regal and sophisticated style. You always have to follow directions and guidelines when tasting royal cuisine to enjoy it in an appropriate, traditional fashion, as did the King and the queen.




Travelers now in Hue can enjoy a royal experience every day. You'll be dressed in royal regalia, treated as a king or queen, and offered a variety of royal meals on the big day. It's fun to participate since you'll get a close look at not just how the meals taste, but also how the royals lived in the past.




Aside from the royal experience, Hue royal cuisine is available in eateries throughout the city. These are, of course, not prepared by the most talented chefs, but rather by the villagers. However, because Hue people are known for their elegancy and delicacy, this will not affect the taste of the cuisine. They can prepare a variety of delectable Hue regal dishes using common items. Because the ingredients used in Hue restaurants are more common, these foods are easier to eat for foreigners, so if your visit coincides with a traditional occasion, you should try Hue royal food in a local family or restaurant.

Leading Royal Cuisine restaurants in Hue:

Song Huong Floating – 3/2 Park
Hoang Phu – 05 Nguyen Thai Hoc street
Tinh Gia Vien – 7 Kiet/28 Le Thanh Ton street
Hue Royal Park – 03 Nguyen Sinh Sac, Vy Da village

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