Ha Thai Ancient Lacquer Village

The Ha Thai lacquer village is situated in Thuong Tin district, in Duyen Thai commune, some 30 kilometers south of Hanoi. As soon as you walk through the old village gate, you will see a tranquil rural community with lush green rice fields and buffalo grazing peacefully, much like you would find in any northern rural community. But the talented craftspeople who work here are what really set this location apart. The production of the intricate and flawless lacquer paintings and other items for the kings used to be the responsibility of the Ha Thai lacquer village.




An Overview of Ha Thai Lacquerware Village's History

Ha Thai Village was established in the 17th century, at the beginning of the lacquer art's development. At the time, it was known as "Cu Trang" Village; although not being the birthplace of Vietnamese lacquer traditions, this location was respected for its wealth of brilliant and skilled artisans. To present goods to the kings and patricians, "Cu Trang" was chosen.

Due to several historical developments and modifications, this ancient hamlet began to expand the lacquer coats used in the art. The residents' art was passed down through the centuries, enriching the village's collections of lacquerware. Initially, there were just three colors available for the goods: black, red, and brown. The number of coat colors has risen through numerous tries and has been adorned with numerous designs. Each stage of this complex profession requires the artists to exercise patience, strict attention to detail, and caution. If not, the finished products could not be as flawless as anticipated.




Visit Ha Thai Village to see lacquer paintings and lacquer handicrafts.

Visitors can view, savor, and purchase numerous lacquer paintings and goods from Ha Thai as desired. Products come in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of visitors from across the world. The village's artistic, vibrant, and eye-catching products are perfect for taking pictures of and displaying. The flower vase, artwork, bowl, and other items all have such amazing looks that they draw attention right away. Some people even purchase their favorite products using Feng Shui principles.

On your itinerary for your trip to Vietnam, include a stop at the Ha Thai traditional hamlet so you can see how the local artisans fashion their products' shapes and apply paint before grinding and polishing the final coats. The locals have been pouring their souls into this craft for generations. The lacquer paintings and merchandise galleries of Ha Thai have grown more artistically over time. The location even has its own brand as a result of its sincere reputation, excellent standards, and limitless innovation.

Ha Thai Village is a short 17 kilometers south of the capital of Hanoi and is open all year. Its illustrious past and creatively laudable present invite visitors to interact with the local creatives, view their creations, handle the exquisite goods, and buy some for their homes. Ha Thai is one of many well-known trade towns that are devoted to the traditional Vietnamese lacquerwares that were originally prized by the kings, royal families, and patricians.




The World's Best Lacquerware by Ha Thai

The products and lacquer paintings of Ha Thai Village are currently on display in several markets and commercial locations both inside and outside of Vietnam. The artisans also produce a variety of lacquered bowls, dishes, flower vases, beds, chairs, tables, trays, and other items in addition to the typical lacquer paintings, parallel phrases, etc. The lacquered ceramic products of Ha Thai are particularly displayed in various nations across the world, including France, England, Russia, the United States of America, Australia, Italy, Japan, China, etc. Additionally, there are various manufacturing and market locations in the Duyen Thai Commune where visitors can purchase lacquered goods. This is done in order to better assist foreign visitors who wish to learn about the traditional art of the area and purchase lovely goods in addition to paintings.

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