Cyclo a relaxing way to go around

Explore Hanoi by cyclo is a better way to feel and catch the soul of Hanoi. Visitors discover the city center in intense emotions by this relaxing and authentic way. This is another interesting point of view letting you catch scenes of Hanoi daily life, small restaurants, sidewalks, traders, street vendors,… A real feast for nose (surprised by the spicy flavors of Asia) and ears (to whom are not used to noise and Vietnamese language), eyes (dazzled by all these colors).

Cyclo is one of the most friendly means with environment in Hanoi and closes to everyone. A "3 No" vehicle: no obscure smoke, no noisy sound from engines, no spending too much for commuting. From a long time, Vietnamese people in general and Hanoians in particular have thought of the cyclo as a familiar means of transport when going out. It is not only close - knit to Vietnamese but also strongly connected with foreigners as all of them are drawed by this unique vehicle at first sight visiting Hanoi.




Cyclo is a type of bicycle rickshaws. The driver sits behind while passengers ride in the front cab. Designed for two passengers, cyclo cabs are ideal for exploring short distances within Hanoi's city center. Ride them only when you're in no hurry, and if you don't mind the fright of seeing Hanoi's chaotic traffic right in front of you.




With an affordable price, you can pay 5 USD (around 100,000vnd) for a round of city's center or Hanoi Old Quarter within an hour's ride. Driver may ask for more at the outset, but you're encouraged to haggle the price down. Agree on the price up front before boarding. 



Do not feel strange or be surprised if the cyclo driver will try to charge you more as soon as you get down. Pay the price you dealed from the beginning and be firm about it. However, tipping for his services is highly recommended because he's pedaled your entire body weight for the past hour. Prepare some changes, as cyclo drivers (like their taxi counterparts) hate to give back change.

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